Saturday, June 27, 2009


Design 1

Colours: Light Pink (Sold), Black (Sold), White (Sold),
Orange (Sold), Blue (Sold), Purple (Sold),
Dark Pink (Sold)

Design 2

Colours: Pink, Blue, White (Sold), Purple, Gold

Design 3

Colours: Light Pink (Sold), Blue (Sold), Silver (Sold), Dark Pink (Sold), Red (Sold)

With all the hype about bows for hair,
we decided to bring in some pretty
sparkly ones for the little girl in

All clips comes in pairs.

The bows measure 2.25 inches across.

RM 4 per pair

RM 10 for 3 pairs

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pearly Bow

These oh-so-pretty long pearl necklaces
comes with a huge huge huge satin bow down
the center. Absolutely adorable and will make
an amazing accessory any time, any day!

Imported from Taiwan.

The entire necklace measures
34 inches in total and the bow
is 5 inches wide.

Colors Available: Grey (Sold), Navy (Sold), Lavender (Sold), White (Sold), Black (Sold), Beige (Sold)

RM 18

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


For those who missed the first release of
our pocket watch necklace, here is a second
chance to land yourself a little piece of
nostalgic charm!

This time in silver, with gorgeous
ornate design on the back and a simple
elegant front. Plus, this little darling
actually tells the time too!

All Sold!

RM 25

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jessica McClintock Special 3

As promised, here's another lovely
Jessica McClintock exclusive, from us to you!

Also from their current season release
and retailing at stores for $118 USD!

This is a superbly gorgeous satin bustier
dress with a sweetheart neckline and a short
flared skirt with contrasting underskirt and
hem binding. But the part that really, really
takes our breath away is the contrasting front
and absolutely sexy back looped bodice!

Very versatile too, and can be worn
for various occasions to come!

Imported and made in the USA.

Juni0r Size 1

Measurements (from Jessica McClintock):

Bust: 31 inches
Total length: 28 inches

RM 199

Thursday, June 18, 2009




This vintage-style romantic top/dress can
be worn on or off shoulder and exudes an
easy elegance with its light material,
ruffles, and long velvet ribbon!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Cream Florals (Sold), Peachy Butterflies (Sold), Black Butterflies (Sold)

RM 45

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Back details:

This totally retro but adorable tiered gingham
babydoll top, comes complete with white eyelet hems
a huge bow tied to the back. There's also a
free velvet ribbon brooch to pin anywhere!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Black/White (Sold)

RM 40


This simple two-tone dress features a striped
top, and a solid bottom with ruching at empire
waist. Comes with a detachable matching bow
brooch, which you can pin anywhere

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Grey (Sold)

RM 40

Tuesday, June 16, 2009



This floral tiered dress is decorated in fun,
colourful prints and features a denim top with
little buttons! Perfect for the upcoming
summer season!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Red/Purple, Pink/Blue, Brown/Red

RM 40



This ultra feminine dress features tiers
and tiers of beautiful cream lace from top
to bottom! Absolutely gorgeous and
ideal for any occasion!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Cream (Sold)

RM 45

Strawberry Hearts


Example when worn:

This sleeveless tunic top features a sheer top
sprinkled with little pink hearts and ruffles along
the sleeves. It is banded near the waist to create
the flirty effect of a mini dress!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Pink (Sold)

RM 40

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jessica McClintock Special 2

Due to popular demand, here is another Jessica
McClintock special, exclusively from Dusty Lace!

Hot off the racks from their current season release!
Currently retailing at stores for a whopping $235 USD!
Grab yours now, at a fraction of the price!

This is a luxurious poly mesh bustier dress with
ruffles and lace trims, an empire waist, lace midriff
with satin ribbon sash and bow, and a short full
skirt with lace hem and tulle petticoat!

You'll be the envy of everyone!

Imported and made in the USA.

Misses Size 4
Measurements: 14 inches across the bust (pit to pit)
Total length: 28 inches (excluding straps)

RM 360


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pocket This!

This retro pocket watch necklace is an absolute
must-have! It features unbelievably gorgeous all-
over filigree carvings on the front, a sturdy old-
fashioned chain, and a little butterfly charm.
Best part is, the watch actually works!

Fully imported and only one available!


RM 45


Do you have an affinity for cute things?
If so, this fun and kitschy necklace is for you!
These handmade wooden long necklaces comes
with animal charms, beads and a little bow to
top it off!


RM 7

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Diane Kruger

Credits to FabSugar


Don't these checked mufflers make
a statement? Popularized by celebrities
initially, these mufflers are made from
lightweight material and perfect as an
accessory to your outfit!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Black/Grey (Sold), Black/White (Sold), Black/Pink

RM 12

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Personalized Name Straps

Always had trouble finding gifts? Fret not!

These unique personalized straps are perfect as
a gift for someone or yourself! All materials are made
from top-notch quality - these do not tarnish with time
and usage, and most importantly, do not break easily.

With the colourful array of straps to choose from
and shiny bling alphabets, what's there not to like?

And you can be certain, that these are the
cheapest prices in town for straps like these! ;)

Please click on images to enlarge for clearer view!

Font Designs:

Strap Colours:

Bells & Charms:


1. Pick your font design and charms if applicable -
you can mix and match the fonts yourself!

2. Pick your strap color and state whether you'd like
it as a cell phone charm, keychain, bracelet or

3. Pick a bell color of your choice (free!) or any charms
you'd like hanging at the bottom of your strap

alphabets, charms & coloured straps - RM 2 each

cell phone straps - free

bracelet & necklace - RM 1

keychains - RM 2

free normal postage!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Polka Fun


This cute little dress has a square neckline
embellished with a little bow in the center. With a
flirtatious bubble hem and fun polka print, you're
bound to stand apart from the crowd!

Fits UK 6-10

Colours Available: Black/Pink (Sold), Black/Blue (Sold), White/Black

RM 40